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House of Worship

Whether you are organizing worships for a small congregation or coordinating live services across multiple buildings, the goal is the same: to spread the core message and grow the congregation. Producing these services requires constant communication among production members to stay connected and coordinated, especially when an unplanned event occurs and adjustments need to happen on the fly.

With decades of production intercom experience, 十大正规体育平台 ensures your intercom solution meets requirements, scalability, budget and skill levels of your users. Church volunteers and staff can effortlessly get up-and-running on 十大正规体育平台 systems within minutes. Work with the communications brand that you can trust and address your communications needs at every stage of your growth.

We Know House of Worship

Hit the Ground Running

Our products are designed to be easy to deploy and intuitive to operate. We understand that your production teams are comprised of few tech-savvy staff and weekend warriors (volunteers) with little to no technical experience. That’s why, we place extra attention to the user experience when we design our products. With a short learning curve, your intercom users can hit the ground running with their communication devices in minutes.

Elevate Your Production Value

Your production is only as good as the people in it and how they communicate with each other. When you have a dedicated system for assisting with cueing, coordinating between the different production teams and other activities common to a live service, everything goes much more smoothly,because the intercom system suits your workflow. With 十大正规体育平台’s full range of wired, wireless and IP solutions, you have many options to choose from for the job.

Scalable Communications

As your ministry grows, your physical presence may multiply. For some, this expansion includes the internet. Whichever the case, ensuring your core message reaches everyone – wherever they are in the world – becomes a technical and communication challenge. 十大正规体育平台 has a deep experience with helping churches prepare for growth with the right communications solution. We don’t limit your production team’s ability to coordinate and communicate across different sites.

Lifetime Products

The investment you make today should last for decades to come. When you invest in 十大正规体育平台 products, you are also investing in your future. We focus on quality and durability, ensuring the equipment can withstand harsh working conditions. We future-proof product designs, so they are still usable for the long-haul no matter how fast intercom technology advances. With 十大正规体育平台, we providing connectivity solutions to bridge your past with the future.

Industry Affiliations

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Permanent Venue Installation

For teams with a few talk/listen positions, and where cable-runs on user devices is possible, Encore Analog Partyline is the basic system ideal for small-scale productions. Adding DX210 wireless will give certain core users more flexible and mobility.

Rapidly-growing, Single-Site Church

For mid-size churches with a larger production team, Eclipse HX digital matrix offers the most flexibility, programmability and scalability for addressing the tailored needs of your productions today and for laying down an expansion path for the future. Serving as the backbone, Eclipse HX can support any RS-Series analog beltpacks or V-Series digital keypanels. DX410 base stations or integrated FreeSpeak II wireless intercom options are ideal for untethered communication, while the Agent-IC mobile app is a great for leveraging smart devices already in use by contributing or monitoring users.

Multi-Site Church

For growing congregations with services and choirs spread across different locations, taking an Intercom-over- IP approach is the optimal choice. Depending on your needs, 十大正规体育平台 has many possible options. Eclipse HX digital matrix, HelixNet digital partyline, or Encore analog partyline could be deployed at one or more sites or could be extended over IP into one campus. In these cases, systems can be linked together over our LQ Series IP interfaces for a fully-networked intercom system. Users have the options of devices including IP-enabled V-Series keypanels, FreeSpeak II wireless, RS-Series analog beltpack, SIP telephony or Agent-IC mobile app. The selection will be based on the intercom requirements of that user position.