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IP Communications

Audio-over-IP is the current driver for remote and network compliant intercom, and continued advances in IP technology allow greater flexibility with intercom communications. As one of the early pioneers in IP, 十大正规体育平台 has experience in leveraging advanced IP technologies and innovative product design to optimize signal transmissions over IP networks. Today, our IP solutions support major formats including Dante, AES67 with SMPTE® 21110-30 compatibility, and we offer solutions for internet and WAN operation. Providing cost-effective and extremely flexible wired and wireless solutions to distribute endpoints in virtually any place around the world, 十大正规体育平台 offers the most complete suite of IP intercom products.


Product Family

Complete your IP Communications with our suite of products.

IP Connectivity for V-Series Panels

The IrisX panel’s IP capability allows users to connect via AES67 or with 十大正规体育平台’s AoIP I.V. Core™ protocol. Using an E-IPA-HX card, users can deploy up to 64 panels in an AES67-based network. IrisX panels also have a dual NIC connection which allows for seamless communication, even if the primary IP network fails.

Why Choose IP Communications?

The IP Network

The advantage of utilizing IP-based communication systems is the ability to position an intercom device anywhere you have a network connection. As a given network can be global in structure, the footprint of an intercom system can be almost limitless. Intercom users can leverage LAN, WAN, public internet and even cellular networks to deploy their communication system.

Evolving Technology

New technologies and advancements in the delivery of audio over IP are changing the way users are building their communication systems. Advances in both compressed and uncompressed audio increase sound quality and lower latency. Audio is delivered faster than ever over networks leveraging specialized switches, routers and cabling.

Remote Management

A significant advantage of using IP-based communication systems is the ability to manage the system from virtually anywhere. Configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting can all be done from a location far from the intercom deployment. This greatly scales an audio engineer’s time and functional capability.